Quality Apps. Delivered.

Expert iOS Development

From iPhone & iPad to Apple tv and the Mac, Fickle Bits can help you deliver your next successful product.

  • We sweat the details

    Great apps are all about the details. We have a great eye for the little details that make people love apps.

  • Native & Built to Last

    You need to get your app to market fast, but you want to do it right. Building good products means being able to iterate quickly and build upon software that is built well.

  • Need help?

    We can help your team deliver better software, faster. We can help with design, architecture, project automation, testing and overall training.

Backend Server? Yeah, we can do that too.

We've been shipping web apps, admin interfaces, and backend APIs for clients for years. We know what it takes to build a solid infrastructure for your backend system.

  • Rails, React, Vue

    We've been shipping web apps of all kinds with Rails for years. It is an extremely productive framework and is our tool of choice.

    Looking for a more modern front-end? We can also work with React, Vue and others for a rich front-end experience in the browser.

  • Data Storage

    The data needs of modern web apps is evolving rapidly. A single storage solution may not be sufficient. We are well-versed in the design and implementation of Postgres, Redis, and Elasticsearch.

  • Hosting / Deployment

    Heroku is our prefered platform service as it provides the quickest way to deploy and manage a robust, scalable system.

    We can also build custom infrastructure on Digital Ocean, Linode, or Amazon Web Services.

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